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Often times the news starts before it breaks. For many years we've subscribed to the theory that beyond the real investigative and beat reporters, very few reporters actually find stories. Stores really tend to find reporters who recognize the news value in them.

Case in point is what happens on the D.C. Merry Go Round of telecom regulatory law and reform, all under the guise of the legislative and administrative activities surrounding the FCC and to some extent the Federal Trade Comission. 

To stay up on those activities I tend to follow the weekly musings from two of the nations better Telecom law firms, Arent Fox and Kelly Drye and Warren. KDW's Telecom Law Monitor is a good source for what's up, usually having an angle, with insight and perspective. Lawyer Steve Augustino does a very good job at highlighting things that impact their clients and tip off people like me to what's coming next.

Arent Fox has a different approach. They send out a weekly newsletter that gives a summary of what's happening, decisions made and key events that important to the telecom, mobile and broadand world. 

Combined, their two approaches make for a better informed group of executives and journalists as both law firms are experts on regulatory matters. Neither approach is better, but when combined, I get my fill of what may be the news before it often is.

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