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Welcome back my friends to the game that never ends. It’s the game that chills your soul, curves your spine and bends your mind. It’s called “Cell Phone Roulette” and your odds of winning are never in your hands, despite what you are holding.

It’s the game we play each and every day, and if you travel, well, you play it more than you like to, and it seems, the only winner is the house, known as your cell carrier.

Wanna, play? Well here’s how.

  1. You need to have more than one mobile phone, and they need to be on different carriers.
  2. The more devices you have the better chances you have of “winning”
  3. . If you win, that really means, you lose because your odds of winning change the more you travel, and the more places you go, your odds of winning are never the same.
  4. The way you win is you have coverage. Have coverage with no phones. You lose. One out of two, well you broke even. Two out of two, well you win and so on with more phones.

How to increase you chances of winning….well, here goes:

  1. Never stay above the 2nd floor of any hotel. Cell towers point down, and very few hotels have DAS systems or in building cell sites or micro sites.
  2. If the hotels offer Femto cells, take one. If you don’t you will likely “lose.”
  3. Take along a T-Mobile Pay As You Go smartphone. Why? Well the nations smallest of the big four carriers has the least traffic. Thus your “odds” are better to get online and have coverage vs. the biggest.

 All kidding aside, if you have to travel, having mobile devices on multiple networks will increase your chances of staying in touch and keeping you connected.



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