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Why I Love Being A Global Nomad

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The last month has been meeting filled, travel filled, hotel filled, wine filled and friend filled. I've been in six cities, four countries. I've flown four different airlines, rented a car, taken trains, ridden in local cabs, and walked. I've also again stayed connected.


My legally unlocked iPhone used a local SIM in each country. Pain in the butt to keep changing numbers but with my GoogleVoice (thanks guys) capability I am found easily. Plus cheap data can't be beat.

iPad-again local SIMs, cheap data.

Unlocked Galaxy Tab w/phone capability-local SIMs-i'm learning to appreciate Android

Nokia E71 and a Tru SIM from Truphone. Local numbers in the UK and USA. No real difference. Behaves just like any cell carrier. It's post paid and works great. (Yes, Truphone is a client so please take Matt Miller's word for it not mine.)

Where I work--Hotel rooms. Hotel executive lounges (InterContinentals rock) friends houses and Regus locations. The one located at 2 Berkelely Square is the best in the world...

How else so I stay connected? Boingo and Boingo Mobile. A Boingo Mobile account is only $7.95 a month. I use those on my iPhone and iPad or Galaxy Tab, but also have Boingo European and Boing USA accounts for my laptops. When I'm on the go, an unlocked MiFi is the way to stay connected.

Net's getting easier and easier to do this, and I'm finding more time to have fun than just work....but that's another story..

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