Skype (and Microsoft) Making Moves in the UK/EU To Stop Operators Blocking of Skype
What Keeps Us Connected

VoIP Grows, Wireline Loses

Network World is reporting that the wireline customer base in the USA is shrinking while VoIP service is increasing, but there view is that VoIP has peaked and that cord cutting, with more and more customers moving to wireless is the trend. Not much new in that thinking except for one key factor.

E911. Until E911 on mobile functions exactly like it does on a wireline, the large scale defection won't really occur.

Their second observation I agree with. It's the market that's opening widely in the business and enterprise market. It's one of the core reasons why Comcast purchased/acquired/bailed out (take you pick) NGT, one of the largest, if not the largest reseller of Level3 and why companies like, M5 Networks, client Telesphere and others are actively working to grow their customer bases.

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