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I won't go into reviewing in depth the Samsung Google Nexus as enough other reviews are out there, but what I will say is if you're a Google centric person, where you make extensive use of Google Apps, Mail, Calendar, Picasa and all that Google has to, then this is the Android phone for you. 

First off an unlocked Google Galaxy Nexus is an ideal phone for anyone going international. It's pentaband so you get 850, 900, 1700, 1900 & 2100 MHZ which means you can use it all over the world. Here in the USA you may want to opt for T-Mobile's pay as you go, or AT&T's GoPhone plan or pay monthly plan and use it as little or as much you need to as your "other phone." Or put it on a subscription plan as your main phone and get blazing fast speeds a managable data plan rates. Another option is TRU from client Truphone, where you get to roam here in the USA on T-Mobile and on Vodafone in the UK. Both have fast networks and both are perfect for this phone as you can have numbers in both places that work so, so well. You can also use local pay as you go SIM's and manage them with a plethora of APN setting apps that are available in the Market (most times you don't have too though.)

Hidden inside the phone's settings is the Android's ability to place and receive Internet calls. Another feature is the native ability to configure your SIP accounts to place or receive calls over the Internet. This is a huge plus for those who already have SIP based VoIP service. I quickly configured mine and presto the calls were coming in and going out. Unfortunately, it's not as configurable as client CounterPath's Bria is but for those who want to SIPley (pun intended) connect, Android offers that feature.

Using Touchdown as my Exchange client solves the issues found with the native mail, calendar and address book.

Tieing in GoogleVoice of course is standard. You simply use that and your calls look like they are coming from your regular number. With this feature it really doesn't matter which phone I'm calling from, and with conditional call forwarding for when I'm busy, not available or not answering, the calls all ring everywhere. But it's the native Google/ Google Voice integration that makes the phone so sweet. That and the lightness of being that it is. Superlight in weight, the Galaxy Nexus clearly makes my Verizon HTC Thunderbolt feel like a brick. The way this phone behaves I'll certainly be thinking about grabbing the Verizon version for coverage here in the U.S.A.

Does the Google Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0 beat my Apple 4S out as my favorite phone? No. but with all the features packed in the Samsung Google Galaxy Nexus one has to give the GSM version SERIOUS consideration as your other phone if you are locked to an unlockable AT&T iPhone (I'm not) as the benefits in the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwhich OS make it a serious contender for the Internationalist who needs more than just a phone. 

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