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First eFax, Now eVoice

Commercializing and combining some technology, the people behind eFax/jFax, J2 Communications, have slickly pulled together eVoice, a new unified calling service. Basically, this is a decendent, though not related to Webley that was introduced in the late 90s if you look at it seriously, so it's not really, new new. With eVoice goes J2 is chasing after the same crowd of customers as companies that are already in the space like Phone.comRingCentral and Grasshopper

Webley, from its humble beginnings always had the auto attendant, call routing, IVR, voicemail and find me follow-me natively, so what eVoice has isn't so breakthrough. But what they do have behind them is J@ and J2 knows how to market, understands how to use online and offline media. 

While I don't think that eVoice will be the only company to go to traditional media with short form infomercials,  online web ads and email marketing, their already installed user base of SOHO and independent reps will love the simplicity of the service. Besides, six months free service is a great deal for those folks who need to look bigger than they really are.


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