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Sunday Question-Why Do Banks and Some Credit Card Companies--

Why do credit card companies do the following:

1. Make you call in to tell them when you are leaving your market area? They already have my spending history. They know where I travel too based on prior usage patterns?  

2. Why do they want me to sign my card? Forgery is easier than asking for ID at the time of transaction yet they want you to sign the back of the card the moment it arrives. Funny thing is the cards that I signed in the past were cloned and forged. Cards without signature, they ask for my ID before approving the transaction face to face.

3. Make the type so small you can't read the call in numbers. I'm part of the aging population (over 50) and while I don't need glasses to read, smaller type is hard to decipher especially when the credit cards are on backgrounds of dark colors, the type is small and it's not in a nice contrasting color.

All of the above are usually called "security" proceedures if you ask. But instead of making things more secure, the companies are adding to customer frustration. The only company that is the exception is American Express. They simply think things through from the Cardmember experience first.


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