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IT Expo-My Thoughts

I won't dwell on the negatives that some already have shared privately because for the most part I enjoyed the two days I spent at IT Expo in Austin this past week. But as someone who wants to see the event grow here are some suggestions:

1) Get more launches at the event. Comapnies there missed the opportunity to launch new products, companies and services. It's a great vehicle and StartUp Camp again proved that.

2) Get more media. The show is full of companies who have things to say. Unfortunately other than the same usual suspects there's a severe lack of "press" and analysts there. Those that are there get the heads up and insight which means everyone else whose not there has to work with second hand information or the companies need to spend double to triple the time to educate them.

3) Be more thematic. Some of the conferences overlap and that weakens attendance. Trim down the number of panels, or make the panels longer with more participants so the audiences are bigger.

4) StartUp Camp-There should be one EVERY DAY...It's the future, it's the most attended event and it's the most fun.

5) Video-every session should be recorded for future use. A lot of gems come out of the mouths of speakers and panelists. 

6) Trade show floor--standards. Too many booths lack creative looks. It devalues those who spend money to be there. 

7) RTLS-Real Time Location Tracking--who is where, what's where. The technology is there.

8) Use of Introme from -a great way to connect to trade show attendees.

Now with all that said, another great job by Rich, Dave and all the partners they work with and yes, Austin is a much better place than Los Angeles for the trade show.


Next year, I will have a WINE DINNER there. 


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Good observations. Your view is definitely a more personal and emotional than I would expect, this is a good sign. It seems most people do not know what to say about the changes in the business. The changes in conferences are a reflection on what is happening in the business and technology sides. Changes in the VoIP and telephony as a whole world are inevitable, just the consequences (product releases, more polished booths) are not that expected. Good to see that you have positive attitude. To see what we are doing in the VoIP/Asterisk space take a look at our site: // keep on writing about the real world and keep on thinking positively ! ! !

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