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Refund Time? When Will That LTE Upgrade Come To the Xoom for Real

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Let's face it. In the era of the Internet, a promise is a promise, unless of course it comes from your telco carrier. Back in the winter months Verizon Wireless let all Zoom owners and potential buyers know that their state of the art Android tablet, made by Motorola would be upgradeable to LTE. Coinciding with that there was the online promise that these upgrades would be ready to go in May.

Well it's now July, and guess what. There's no upgrade in site, and now the latest news is "Summer." And, calls to Verizon Wireless Customer Service result in, we have no dates yet for the upgrade, while visits to Verizon Wireless stores point the finger at Motorola. I'm guessing at some point someone points the finger at Google but who knows. More importantly, who cares. The point is that most recently, a Verizon Wireless CSR told me that there's no assurance that the upgrade will occur, and offered to disconnect my data plan that has been in effect since March. I found all of this funny, in a sick way, as Verizon Wireless has been listing how to handle the upgrade for a few months.


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Happy 4th Andy.

I bought a Motorola Cliq when they first launched it and were touting it's MotoBlur as the greatest thing in social media since the invention of the written word.

Of course MotoBlur was worse than useless, the Nexus One (an infinately better phone) came out weeks later, they repeatedly missed their promised dates to upgrade from Android 1.5 to 2.1 and when they finally did, the release basically bricked the phone and has never been improved. I ended up downgrading the OS and then replacing the phone.

This is sounding like a repeat performance by Motorola. I know that Tmob, now Verizon share the blame, but can't get past the fact that Moto just doesn't seem to be able to get thier act together.

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