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Skype For Asterisk-Microsoft Gets The Blame-Skype Takes the Fall-Updated

The VoIP world is buzzing about Skype basically ending Skype for Asterisk. Microsoft gets the blame but are they nothing but the fall guy?

Dave Michels has it pretty well nailed..No, this isn't MSFT. This is pure Skype. All the way. For once, you can blame Microsoft.

Here is Skype’s official comment regarding Skype for Asterisk, according to Jennifer Caukin, the current spokesperson  for Skype.

“Skype made the decision to retire Skype for Asterisk several months ago, as we have prioritized our focus around implementing the IETF SIP standard in our Skype Connect solution. SIP enjoys the broadest support of any of the available signaling alternatives by business communications equipment vendors, including Digium.  By supporting SIP in favor of alternatives, we maximize our resources and continue to reinforce our commitment to delivering Skype on key platforms where we can meet the broadest customer demand.”



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If eventually Skype's only outside connections are to Lync servers then yes it probably was Microsoft's fault.

If Skype move more into the SIP based world where it can connect to almost anything, it would still probably be Microsoft's fault but at that point noone would care. This would require Microsoft to not follow stereotypical Microsoft behaviour though.

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