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He's been swamped making Calliflower a rock solid flat rate conferencing platform. And his blogging suffered. And now...HE's BACK. The he is Alec Saunders who for a while was spending more time running his business and a lot less time blogging. Well, he's back. And that's a good thing. Alec is one of the few bloggers out there who has the experience and the chops to back up what he writes about. So I say...(to the theme of Welcome Back, Kotter. Welcome Back!!!

I can relate to blogging suffering while business focus takes over. In my life, blogging went from the first thing I did every day, and I mean every day, to a back seat. My business life, and going through some interesting times, also impacted how often I posted. Well, now, like Alec, I'm back writing, and like they say in the Windy early and often. 

The same can be said for pal Om Malik, who while he served as editor of GigaOm his blogging became less and less the focus of his daily life, but now, as he's turned the reins over to others, his writing, and his reporting has also bounced back to the pre-heart attack days and the punchy, witty, news reporting style that made us all look first in his direction, is back. 

Another reason for the blogging slowdown for me has been the slowdown in what's new and a lot of conflicts of interest. As my business has grown it's become harder and harder to blog about things without either breaking confidence (which I won't do) or not tipping the hand of what's to come. Well thankfully, with a revitalized telecom world, something that Skype's sale to Microsoft will only light up more, I am sensing a revived news climate. And that's good. Because it means more to blog about.

For us readers, not only for creators of content, Alec, Om and yes my return will mean more critial analysis of what's what and why. We each used to push each other to just be better at what we did.

We're not here blogging just to write about the new and shiny. Others do a very good job at that, and Twitter is a great place to read about those things. No, we're all here to provide insight, perspective and opinion (IPO) and that's the bottom line. And I just said so.

So folks..give us all your eyes. Your comments and most of all your stories, because we're all back. And that's great for some of you..and for others, well...take your chances. No embargoes. No Mercy. No.....

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Thanks for the kind words Andy!

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