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The GigaOm crew have come up with their to 50 cloud innovators. The list, that was published this morning gives a nice overview of who the players are. Since I grew up in sports, the line "you can't tell the players without a scorecard" is rather apropos here, because almost weekly some new company pops on the scene with something "new" and like all lists, sometimes we all find somthing missing.

For me it was the abscence of Oxygen Cloud, the Redwood City, California based company with a very slick interface, and a very reliable service.

Having been using Oxygen Cloud the past few weeks, I'm working on weaning my way off of Jungle Disk and over to Oxygen Cloud as it seems to give me the kind of feeling that I first got with DropBox and then with Jungle Disk. My sense seems to think there's a lot more behind what I'm seeing today, so maybe they're just too new to make the GigaOm list, but like Guam or Puerto Rico, the would have to be number 51.


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Hi Andy & Paul,

Thanks for sharing your experience using Oxygen! Hopefully next year we'll make it onto Gigaom's 50 Cloud Innovators list.


Like you said, there is definitely a lot more coming than what you are seeing today. So stay with us! Feel free to let us know if you have any additional feature suggestions or different use cases for how you utilize Oxygen for cloud storage, synchronization and sharing. We love hearing from our users!

Thanks Andy!


We are working very hard to add new features, improve our administration app and more. I will definitely share your feedback with our team! We are happy to continue to work with you to improve your Oxygen experience.

Thanks for your kind words Paul!

- Julia Mak, from The Oxygen Cloud Team

Andy, I had zero problems with my Oxygen Cloud Window install, but the Apple didn't work for me. And here's the BUT: OxygenCloud have been outstanding in sticking with me to get it sorted, we're not there yet, but it's all very well done, very well organized, very professional. This company will go a long way. I share your enthusiasm. Adding folders, administration, security etc. for enterprise use is going to be really important.

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