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AT&T-More Dropped Calls In More Places

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One of my clients remarked yesterday, that he doesn't know anyone who travels as much as I do. And he may be right. But lately I've really been trying to stay "home" more here in the San Diego area. But of late I've been noticing more and more dropped calls on my iPhone as I am traveling in a car.

Last week I was in downtown San Diego for a conference, and each day on my rides up and back to Del Mar, CA I was unable to have a complete call without it dropping on my iPhone on AT&T. The same thing happened yesterday in Las Vegas on the way to the airport, and in Milwaukee the day before.

Each time the common denominator was, I was moving in a car and carring a conversation that was clearly switching from one cell tower to another. And each time the call would drop. The funny thing is I've driven or been driven in both San Diego and Las Vegas enough to know that calls don't usually drop on main thoroughfares with the kind of interruption I've witnessed. 

Today, on my FaceBook page, Steve Matt, a boyhood pal from 2&C where we all grew up in Philly, posted this comment:

WTF!!! Is anyone else having problems with AT&T? Within the past three months, I have most calls dropped and poor reception where I never had a problem before. I've called them 3 times to complain and they say there are towers being worked on. I ask EVERYWHERE?? They did give me $39 off one bill, but now I'm gonna ask for 1/2 off EVERY bill for 1/2 service. Your comments please. Is Verizon any better?

Well I'm glad it's not just me, but it clearly is more than a tower problem. Do you think it's the rolling out of 4G and new frequencies such as the 900 mhz range that's causing this?

Tell me what towns your calls are being dropped in....


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Joe Lagreca

I've been with AT&T since they were Cingular, and they have always been terrible.

I also live here in San Diego, and am a consultant that drives around and uses my phone quite a bit. I rarely can finish a call without it dropping AT LEAST once.

Now that VZW has the iPhone, I will DEFINITELY consider them when my contract is up.

Hudson Barton

My AT&T service gets better all the time. If you compare your experience with that of 1-2 years ago, I suspect you will agree.

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