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Skype Adds Ads

Skype is adding ads to what will be a new "home" tab in their rapidly becoming a browser experience like client.

I recall when J2, the parent company of Jfax added ads. I stopped using it as I didn't want to be paying for a service as a subscriber to be advertised to.  To Skype's credit they are putting the ads somewhere out of the main line of communications, but can't you see the day where you get an intro video before your video conference that is "this video call is brought to you by...."

As a paying subsciber I'd like to be able to OPT Out of ads entirely, not just the opting out of sharing my data. I wonder if they'll give me that option down the road. For me, paying for a reliable service trumps the value of someone trying to advertise to me. Skype--charge me more, if you want, but don't run ads. People already have enough ways to get distracted in the workplace, and this conflicts in my mind with getting more business, from business.

Now if the business/enterprise market will have a different client, without the ads, sign me up. As the same technology that's there for delivering ads can be used in so many other ways for business that helps the customer make money, not the advertiser.

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