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When I was in Europe my ability to use Skype on some mobile networks made me feel like I had an Android device like the new Motorola Zoom on Verizon. I couldn't. Gosh, it actually made me appreciate AT&T who has a much better sense of "open" than Verizon Wireless ever will have under current management's approach. I was blocked. And it didn't feel good.  I would bet that's how Skype would feel if Skype Journal's Phil Wolff's idea of "blocking ads on Skype" would become a reality. But, as turnabout's is fair play, Skype agreed to let Verizon have their way with their client as a way to "get closer to the handset manufacturers" or so I was told by departed CEO Josh Silverman a year ago at Mobile World Congress.

As an avid Skype user on the Mac and on mobile devices I share Phil's perspective on blocking of Skype's ads, and am happy that I'm not a PC version user, who would find a new "home page" with ads. As Skype migrates the "ad" technology to other platforms Phi's idea of providing us with an option makes sense. So to bring some sanity to this here's how I would do it.

1. Skype Free-You can place and receive Skype calls to other Skype users--You get ads.

2. Skype In-You can place and receive Skype calls and receive Skype calls-You get ads but only on Skype to Skype, not on incoming calls.

3. Skype Out-You can place and receive Skype calls and receive Skype calls-You get ads but only on Skype to Skype, not on outgoing calls.

4. Skype Unlimited-You are not getting ads.

5. Skype Video -One to One Only-You get ads

6. Skype Video Premium-You don't get any ads, you're paying.

7. Skype Business-You go elsewhere if they show you ads.



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