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Motorola Zoom - A Tale of Two Posts Buys Dash Carrier Services. What's Their Next Move?

While no S-1 has been filed, my gut has me thinking that North Carolina based has to be thinking about an IPO at some point, possibly before Skype finally fires up their's. What got me thinking about it was their purchase of Dash Carrier Services that was announced today. Call it a SWAG (stupid wild assed guess) but really it was the way the TechCrunch writer phrased a few things. has a series of telecom services they offer, including a GoogleVoice like service called PhoneBooth. For years they have worked with pal Garrett Smith's VoIPSupply company, where he's amongst other things, their online evangelist. They sell SIP based origination and termination, plus other services, as well as supply a ton of service to companies like client IfByPhone.

This is a company to keep an eye on..


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