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One of the things I love about my friend Peter Csathy, a reformed Harvard Law School grad, is that he never forgot how to build his case and tell it so he can go out and sell it.

After working with Peter for four years on SightSpeed, where he led them to his third exit, (and one of my 21 to date) --having it happen in the down market I might add--the Rancho Santa Fe, CA resident got immediately back in the game with Sorenson Media, already then the market leader in the video production tools space. When Peter was considering joining Sorenson he clearly had a vision that was not where they were then, but where they needed to be. Some may have said, he had his head in the cloud, and he was right, even if two years or so back the idea of cloud encoding and cloud production wasn't even close to being relevant. Well it is today, and Peter's guest post on Streaming Media pretty much nails the facts the way a good lawyer builds his case.

As I sit here at the AT&T Developer Summit and listen to Ralph De La Vega tell us that there will be twenty new 4G devices on the AT&T Network this year, and as Motorola Mobility's CEO and San Diego area resident, Sanjay Jah unveils the new Atrix Android phone, or as Samsung and HTC talk about their next new devices, I keep flipping back to Csathy's article about the need to be able to be future proofing and have flexibility when it comes to the devices and the codecs they use. As the networks get faster, that means more and more content comes out in richer, more HD formats. Terms like HTML5 are coming out of every mouth over every speaker and that follows on the Apple iPad, iPhone model of being Flash light. But yet, Flash is still the desktop/laptop flavor for streaming, along with QuickTime, Real and Windows Media. H.264 remains the best for HD, so being able to stream, or download HD content means more than producing in just three formats these days. It also means having the ability to write once, encode in many formats on the fly and deliver it as the end points need it.

And that's the case Peter has built saying, we're ready today for what's coming tomorrow. If he had been at today's AT&T Developer Summit he would have been smiling ear to ear, saying to others, "bring it on."


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