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Why Google Can Enter Video Conferencing

TechCrunch is reporting that Google plans to go into the video conferencing space in a big way. Here's why they can do it.

1. Google purchased Marratech back in 2007. This gave them a platform that enabled multi-party video calling and presentation

2. Google purchased my former client GIPS this year. GIPS gives the incredible understanding of video codec and video conferencing. It also helps makes them independent of Vidyo at some point in the future. Google previously acquired On2, a video compression technology company.

3. Google acquired Gizmo5 this year too. Everyone forgot that Gizmo had SIP based h.264 video built in. But Google got more than a softclient, they also got a network that could handle video call routing.

So, for far less than Skype has ever been bought and sold for, Google has all the makings of a standards based IP video calling business, which can also handle having video (IPTV) run over with some very pristine looking video that can be HD from the get go.


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You didn't mention that Skype's video conferencing service is largely based on the VP7 codec - licensed from ON2 (now owned by Google).

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