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The Joy's Of DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem Service

Well last week the cable guys came out and replaced my cable modem and gave me an upgrade to DOCSIS 3.0.

As a business customer of CoxBusiness I learned a few years ago that we just get treated better than the residential customers, so the extra $60.00 a month or so has never been a concern. I get multiple IP addresses that are static, not dynamic, 4 hour service calls with a real technician showing up on site, and premium level service by their support team, plus most importantly, the service that works. In the last five years I can think of only two times we had a service outage, and one of those was caused by the AT&T folks doing something down the street that caused an outage for me and over 1000 others by accident. That was fixed overnight by Cox.

Well now I'm on 3.0 and my speeds have come close to 100 megs down and almost always a solid 7-8 megs up. Downloads are faster, but more importantly video calling is really, really good, as is VoIP regardless of the provider. Cox made a decision to roll out 3.0 to business customers first, and I'm thrilled they did. As someone who uses collaboration in real time with my team and clients around the globe, having a service provider who gets it right is worth their weight in gold. For me 3.0 is one more step towards the truly remote workforce being an even truer reality for many more.


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Fazal Majid

Here in SF I opted out from the telco-cableco duopoly, and I get 45Mbps symmetrical service from an outfit called Web-Pass, for $45/month. They use the Cat3 wiring inside my apartment building to deliver 100Base-T Ethernet, with a microwave beacon on the roof for backhaul. In some other locations, they offer the full 100Mbps. I'd much rather have the enhanced uploads, as I run my own servers at home and do offsite backups over the network.

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