Oh GGGG It's Here In L.A. Too
Hilton and AT&T Hotel WiFi-About As Fast and Reliable as An iPhone in A Crowded City

Skype On the Android Without 3G Is Like Kissing Your Sister

In hockey, a tie is referred to as being like kissing your sister. Well Skype on the Android, without 3G calling is the same in my book. It's the kind of thing that shows that "selling out" is not limited to winning teams in sports, as the comment in the RWW article by Skype official blogger Peter Parkes "had to do with the Verizon partnership."

Ouch. 3G calling works. And Verizon isn't the only carrier in the USA selling Android devices. T-Mobile and AT&T have them and the Sprint Evo works on 4G and calling over 4G works very well based on tests using a hybrid of the Overdrive and the iPod and iPad using Skype and Truphone.

Bottom line, no 3G is all about capitulation by Skype, not about being disruptive anymore.

It seems PCWorld doesn't think too highly of the app either.


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Account Deleted

Upss, sorry, you write about Skype on Android in other networks, not in Verizon.
I have to be more carefull in reading:)

Account Deleted

Here (http://voiceontheweb.biz/2010/02/skype-over-verizon-skype-becomes-a-marketing-weapon-in-the-wireless-carrier-arsenal-the-prelude/) is an explanation of network architecture of Skype service in Verizon. Some detail:
"this service is modeled on an architecture similar to the iSkoot architecture used for 3’s service whereby data (Skype chat messages, presence and call signaling information) go over Verizon’s data channel but the actual voice calls are connected to the phone via Verizon’s (robust and readily scalable) voice channel."

If it's correct, and Verizon has EV-DO network - it's may be an answer why Skype can't work in EV-DO segment of CDMA2000 network.

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