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Oh GGGG It's Here In L.A. Too

I was pleasantly surprised to find that ClearWire's 4G service is lit up here in Los Angeles. Last week we learned from JK On the Run's James Kendrick that the service is working in San Francisco via Sprint, ClearWire's partner. While there hasn't been any official announcements, the 4G service from Sprint/ClearWire is working perfectly on my Sprint OverDrive.

Given the fact that the best bandwidth I could get in my hotel was half a meg down, and 1.5 up, the ClearWire service has been nothing but a dream come true once again.

While the official word will likely be heard first from pal Paul Kapustka's SideCut Reports, as he's voice of 4G these days, it's nice to see how you can't keep something that's alive too quiet, or in this case, invisible.


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We're so excited to be expanding 4G in California! It will be more built-out by the end of the year of course. I just wanted to suggest the Rover 4G for when the launch is official - it's similar to the overdrive you have but it's pay-as-you-go, so you can set it up for a day/week/month/ whatever. It's worth checking out - the design is pretty sleek!

Jamala at

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