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Fring Fumbles on Cross Platform Video Chat

History always repeats. So you would think that taking a page out of the old AOL playbook the outcome would be known before the situation arose. I'm referring to the news about Fring and their capacity issue as it relates to two way video calling.

Plain and simply, Fring has a capacity issue. This is why Skype was smart to take their "wait and see" position on interoperability with FaceTime.

If doing this stuff was so easy, companies like client GlowPoint and others who offer bridging services wouldn't be working with the Polycoms and Tata's of the world to namedrop. Bridging requires skill, expertise and capacity management. And it has a price. So while the Frings of the world may think they can go out and simply cross connect and transcode, the real secret to satisfaction is in keeping it up.


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Hudson Barton

Fring is not a communications platform, but only a toy or at best a testbed for shiny objects.

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