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Google-Give Me Back My Old News Layout

This morning I went to Google News and found that they have "changed" the layout of their news page.

They've made the page "longer" but in doing so have made the page less easy to read. It's part of an experiment that Google is running and I've ended up in it. And I hate it the same way I don't like the new "smaller" format of the Wall Street Journal Hard copy. There was something about a broadsheet, and there was something about Google's very easy to follow news layout that appealed to me.

What they have now is so much like Yahoo News of old I'm wondering what's up? Well in my opinion it has to do more with the deals Google is making with the news publishers than anything else. And, as part of capitulation Google has to make some concessions, or at least prove they know more about how to present the news than the publishers do, which I feel Google clearly did.

But for now, I'm finding the new look, less breezy, and less suited to the 2010 era online reader and more suited, well, for Dead Tree Society members.

Please Google--Give Me Back my Google News, the way it always was.


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And now they've gone and inflicted it on everyone. Idiots.

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