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Bruce Stewart Is Back and Comments on CounterPath's Bria iPhone Edition

I always enjoyed the writing of Bruce Stewart when he was at O'Reilly and now I'm very happy to see he's back in the saddle over at IT ToolBox where he penned a short piece about client CounterPath's new Bria iPhone Edition joining in on the positive acclaim from:

Alec Saunders

Tom Keating

Michael Graves

Personally I've been using the new Bria iPhone Edition for almost a month or more, on both iPhones and iPads with amazing success. Over the weekend in Santa Barbara County wine country I was making calls from my car at speeds up to the legal limit without any doppler effect, and was able to make use of my car's Bluetooth speaker and mic system using the CounterPath client which is something I can't do with Skype over 3G on either device. Call quality was excellent, especially when calling CounterPath's CEO Donovan Jones to let him hear how good it sounded from a moving car.

Updated--YOU MUST WATCH--Dan York's video about the new CounterPath Bria iPhone Edition.


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Bruce Stewart

Thanks Andy! After a couple year hiatus it's great to get back to my roots and resume following the telecom industry. I'm hanging my blog shingle out at IT Toolbox's Telecom Today ( and hope to be posting there frequently. Lots has changed in communications in the past few years, but it's not surprising to me at all that some of the most interesting companies today are clients of yours!

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