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I'm part of the Voyces blog team and yesterday posted about my experience of adding a UK 3G data plan to my iPad.

You see, it's Father's Day today, and my late father, who was a former US Marine Corps Master Sargent, would be proud of my efforts yesterday to secure 3G data in the UK on an iPad like a local. He taught me one of the USMC's mottos, and it's something that I'll never forget and will always carry close to my heart and soul. It was a motto that read "the impossible we do right away. But miracles take a little longer."

Well, my first try with mobile operator 3 to turn on 3G service here in London was impossible, but with some extra effort, I pulled it off, and yes, as the one who always has to do something that they say can't be done, it's like a miracle, and it did take a little longer.

Like that famed GoGo VoIP call, making it the "impossible" a reality happen took some ingenuity and time, but it works. And now I have 3G data in the UK without using AT&T roaming rates and without canceling my data plan back in the USA with them which is of the unlimited variety.

Oh, and as a test of consumption, I bought the 500 meg day pass for two pounds and then last night added the thirty day plan as I'm over here twice in one month. I consumed on a Saturday about 14 megs of data, which over a thirty day period would be under 500 megs. However since I know I consume a lot more data than that on a daily basis when on 3G, and that I prefer to be outdoors in the UK and elsewhere, I opted for the cancelable 30 day plan 3 Gig plan. Just before I head back to the USA I'll just drop my UK plan back to the daily pay as you need plan when I leave the UK in a month after stops in Spain, France and elsewhere and where I hope the set up process is a lot less challenging. Then I will simply put my AT&T SIM back in, as if I never left.

Thanks dad...I never will forget you, your motto or your lessons.


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