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Start Yapping

It looks like PhoneTag has some competition in the voicemail to text space.

Upstart YAP has landed as a customer, giving Boston based the ability to resell a service that delivers the words of a message by email or as an SMS message.

With the deflation of SpinVox, PhoneTag pretty much had the sector to themselves, but now it looks like there is some real competition on the horizon.


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Three things:

1) This is old news, with Yap having announced deals to power MetroPCS, among others. In fact, Yap provides machine-based transcriptions to YouMail (though we focus on providing our users with human-edited to get the high quality people need).

2) There is other competition - while SpinVox imploded, Nuance had bought Jott and has an offering with some success (major carriers).

3) You have to compare apples to apples. Yap is machine only - while PhoneTag, Nuance, and others are offering a mix of machine and human-edited as their wholesale offerings.

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