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Voice News Slowing Down? Watch it Pick Up Again-eComm is Coming In A Week

Over the past few weeks the news around VoIP has pretty much been slow, boring and not at all exciting unless I want to be accused of touting my own clients that is like Truphone who was first on the iPad--but I leave that to others to write first assuming they like the story. Hence why you've seen less posts is simply most of the stories haven't been "cool."

Sure there's been news, but for that kind of coverage you can rely on the tried and trusty folks at and a few other news sites for the regular coverage of what's new on an almost daily basis. That's their job and right now I'd say those outlets have the market cornered. But's its the independent blogs who uncover the stories and usually figure out the angles first. Even pal and client Alec Saunders has been slow on the keyboard of late, hunkering down and focusing on Calliflower. Mr. Mashup, Thomas Howe too has not seen a major news break in a while, with almost a month going by since he shared his views with the world. Larry Lisser, who has become one heck of a blogger who sees how company's can make money and understands monitization very well, too has been rather quiet. So has the always crispy Mr. Blog.

But all that will change very soon, as the big stories of what's going to be hot in Voice for the balance of the year will be heard starting on April 19th in Burlingame, CA at eComm, the event I not only look forward to, but supply my company's services to for free. Why? eComm is truly the community event for all facets of emerging communications. And if you're not there, shame on you, as it will be where new ideas, or ideas that people have had big ideas for years now come together. This is where the proven commodities in voice have shown off their "what's next" for the past few years, dating back to eTel, the O'Reilly conference which spawned eComm. So if you haven't already booked your space at eComm, now's the time. And to help, if you use the promo code "voipwatch" you'll save 10 percent.

Oh, and if you're a blogger who wants to cover eComm, send me a note and my team will look your blog over and grant appropriate bloggers a media credential too. You see, unlike some conferences and events, eComm is blogger friendly from the get go.


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