The Return of CallVantage???
My iPad Delivery Experience

iPad Arrives Today-My Plan For It

The Apple Blog, one of the GigaOm network blogs, was wondering what people who receive their iPads will be installing. Well here's my iPad plan.

Boingo-between hotspots and my MiFi's I'll be connected all the time.

Truphone-Voice over WiFi, 3G. I get to make the call.

DropBox-sync those files

Tweetdeck-tweet me, baby.

AP, BBC, NPR, NYT, USA Today and WSJ--a news always junkie needs a fix..

Pandora-personalized music, that drives me to buy more iTunes

Netflix-movies on the go...beyond the iTunes library

Kindle-while I won't be using the Kindle much longer, the books and subscriptions still have use

FlightTrack--as much as I fly, this is a must have

And I'm sure all the iWorks apps (Pages, Keynote and Numbers)

All I'm missing is Word, Excel and has to wonder why MSFT didn't have them ready by now...


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Duffy Brook

Don't forget your handset

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