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Whose Behind AT&T FemtoCells??

CableVision and WiFi and Mobile ?

Word is slowly leaking out that CableVision will play the mobile voice and data game where their footprint stops extending. This is an interesting play, and my guess is the carrier will be T-Mobile or Sprint as they are the least likely to be viewed as competition, and Spint brings with them Clearwire in some ways, and that brings with it some cable partners like Comcast.

Here's why I am betting on T-Mobile and not AT&T in the GSM world or Sprint winning over Verizon in the CDMA world:

1) T-Mobile has no interest in cable TV in the USA, nor do they compete in any way, shape or form. AT&T has uVerse.

2) T-Mobile has a hotspot business, but it's in building and ever since they dropped Starbucks there hasn't been any growth; AT&T bought Wayport to be in the business of WiFi

3) T-Mobile dropped home phone service (the @HOME offering); AT&T is in the landline business (still)

4) T-Mobile has network capacity to sell and share; AT&T is very overloaded and will be for some time to come.

Now for why Sprint vs. the rest of the CDMA players

1) Sprint has deep ties to the cable industry.

2) Sprint is into 4G and alternative networks and has been for years

3) Verizon is a dead on competitor for landline, FIOS and TV content delivery

4) Verizon is pushing their Mobile Broadband data solutions heavily


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Broadband Access Subscribers and (Femtocell Option):

Comcast - 25 million (Sprint / Clearwire Wimax femtocell)
AT&T - 20 million (AT&T microcell)
Time Warner - 15 million (Sprint / Clearwire Wimax femtocell)
Verizon - 15 million (Airave femtocell)
Cox - 6 million (Sprint / Clearwire Wimax femtocell)
Cablevision - 5 million (Sprint / Clearwire Wimax femtocell)
Charter- 5 million (Sprint / Clearwire Wimax femtocell)
Bright House - 2 million (Sprint / Clearwire Wimax femtocell)

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