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Last week one of the highlights at IT Expo was Startup Camp, organized by pal Larry Lisser (previously a client at Mobivox) who organized a conference within a conference. Sponsorship came via Twilio and PhoneTag but the real stars were the four new companies, including Fonolo (a client of mine and a company I hold a stake in.)

Read Fonolo's Shai Berger's account of the event.

The reason I liked Startup Camp Telephony was the rawness of the ideas. Often times I see companies at DEMO or UnderTheRadar where companies that are already polished up and ready for the stage get up and talk. Berger who has a few years of presentations now under his belt, but the other three had raw passion around the idea and it showed. One clearly had stage fright. The other had technical glitches, while the third had a great idea whose store was not unfolded until the very end of their presentation.

But it was the ideas that mattered. Those ideas showed me there's still a lot happening in voice.


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Danielle Morrill

Hi Andy,

It was great to meet you in person after reading your blog for awhile, and we're excited to see how all the companies fare - especially and SayHired, who both utilize Twilio. I am working on editing down the video and I will send you the links once we have the videos of Fonolo presenting, as well as the others.

Looking forward to helping more voice companies bring their products in front of audiences hungry for innovation - let us know if you see any other opportunities for us to get involved.

All the best,
Danielle @ Twilio

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