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FaceBook Calling from 8x8 Is More Me Too, Me Also-Not Me Different

There have been apps on FaceBook for a while that let you do all kind of VoIP tricks, but most of them have been basic "call me" apps. Om Malik reported that 8x8 has launched one too, but took them to task for their impersonal understanding of social media writing:

"I hate the random photo (see graphic) that’s now being displayed on my page, especially when it could easily customize it by picking one of my Facebook profile photos instead. Another bonus would be if one could place the Call Me button on fanpages as well."

While FaceBook is becoming more and more a staple in many people's online diets, given how 8x8 is focusing on the business market it likely would have made more sense to figure out how to build this kind of functionality into LinkedIn. Now that would have made them, very "me different."


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I agree, LinkedIn would be a better choice to start with given 8x8 focus on businesses.

The bigger question is, how does the Facbook app work? Also, other than some marketing benefit, what does this really add for 8x8?


I agree with you on LinkedIn being the killer app particularly in the business to business world. Small businesses are getting into Facebook to link to their customers on the consumer side which makes the 8x8 offering just another feature those businesses can take advantage of. Sure, not earth shattering but a feature that will probably one day be considered part of the standard features of a SMB-targeted UC package. -Mike

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