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Apple iPad Name Has Some People Ragging

What's in a name? Well to some who heard the name for Apple's new tablet/slate/pad lots of emotional hemorrhaging it seems.

Sure many of us more evolved men know that some women call their feminine napkins aka tampons or "pads." There also called rags, plugs and more. But in every case, it's slang for what was commercially known as Kotex or Tampon, both brand names. Well before those came along there have note pads, drawing pads and writing pads, and we don't hear the artists, doodlers and writers screaming for blood.

Besides, Apple does have a very senior, extremely polished and experienced woman at the helm of their Corporate Communications efforts in Katie Cotton, and nothing that impacts the Apple brand ever gets by Katie.

So here's why I think iPad is a good name.

1. It's iPod with an A (I do like the letter A)

2. Us older folks grew up using pad and pencil or pen

3. Tablet was already used by Tablet PC

4. Slate was a computer brand in the past, and Slate also is linked to some Tablet PC formats

5. It's another four letter word


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iPad does not fully cover the feature set of the actual product. Check out Apple’s iPad: Why iAttaché Would Have More Cachet!

Hudson Barton

This first edition deserves the name "iPad" unfortunately. Do you think there's any chance they'll change it to "Newton" in version 2? I guess not. I'm afraid the machine is jinxed.

Tim R

You might want to check with one of your women friends about the terminology here. A "pad" is not a tampon.

Is the 64GB version called a MaxiPad (tm)?

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