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While the holiday season is getting into full swing it is hard to believe that we're now less than a month away from the Winter Edition of IT Expo. To me it only feels like yesterday when Rich Tehrani and his team put on one of the best telecom events they ever have in Los Angeles back in September. That event, which clearly filled the giant hole that was left when VON was shuttered and then sold by their investors, who exercised their rights to take the company away from their founder, and VoIP's fearless leader/visionary, Jeff Pulver.

Well, beyond the usual cast of characters at IT Expo this year in Miami Beach, we'll see a steady stream of additional events that will continue to show why attending is so important. I've already booked flights, hotels and am contemplating a wine dinner, if I can find a BYOB establishment. I'm looking forward to the second edition of the 4G Wireless Evolution event, hosted by VON Alum, and longtime friend, Carl Ford, as that's the future, because in all practicality, VoIP is really the here and now. Tangental to that is the M2M event that Carl is also into in a big way as well.

Another event of course is Jon Arnold's SmartGrid summit. SmartGrids will be in our changing environmental era, one of the most important topics in the new decade, so Jon's work in this area certainly has to be part of the knowledge base in that transformation.--Now only if he would stop using that as his excuse for not blogging about VoIP....

But what I'm most excited about personally is the newest event that's being put on by pal Larry Lisser. It's Startup Camp. According to Larry, "over 10 startups applying to present with more on the way we hope. And as hoped, they are all quite early stage."

Larry's also collaborating very closely with "Mr. Mashup" Thomas Howe on a number of things, including a cross-over voice app contest that promises to be quite fun. Given how every Mashup is like a startup, Thomas brings keen insight to the game as well, especially from the developer's perspective.

So if you're par of a startup, this is an The IT Expo Startup Camp is really going to be, the "place to be." Knowing Larry as I do from what he did with Mobivox, literally turning the company around, and getting them on the kind of footing that led to their sale, his "startup" expertise comes from being hands on, so being a start up and applying to be one of the presenters will bring all kinds of visibility leading up to, during and after the event as Larry has put together several initiatives to expose the entrepreneurs behind them by profiling online, having them speak and also of course network at the event. Much like DEMO or GigaOm's LaunchPad, not every applicant makes it to the stage, but the five selected startups will clearly have the most visibility, including a free 'table' on the ITExpo show floor during the week. These five presenting startups will be announced by January 6th so time is running down. So if you're part of a true startup, now's the time to make your call and take action:

To register

Additionally here is the micro-site as part of the the TMC site


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