Google Takes A Page Out of Best Buy's Playbook
Take 'Em Down

Google StreetView Goes Inside

A few weeks ago at the Intercontinental Hotel in San Francisco, CA I spied the Google StreetView team taking photos outside of the hotel while I was waiting for a colleague.

Then a few minutes later the photo crew was wandering inside the lobby with tripod and cameras taking photos of INSIDE the hotel.

Is this something that's due up next for StreetView? Or is Google about to debut, what I'm calling InsideView? How will that be for you?


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I own a vintage store on the south side of Chicago and Google called us last week and asked if they could come in the store and take photos. Today when they came in they walked through with a very weird camera taking a picture every few feet. They guy said it would be on Google in a couple weeks.

I was shocked that we were picked, we are kind of small but well known, sort of a destination store, not much else in the neighborhood like us.

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