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AT&T Mobile Puts Crowdsourcing To the Test

If you have a campaign that is based upon "more bars in more places" and have made claims about "fewest dropped calls" then you better know where your problems lie.

That's the idea behind a new iPhone app from AT&T, called "Mark the Spot." Personally, I would have named it "DropZone" as that defines what it really marks or "HoleFinder" as coverage hole is the term that has been around the longest.

It works as advertised, and I just reported that I don't have any AT&T coverage. Well, obviously. I'm in Madrid, Spain. Let's see how AT&T reacts to that.


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Jeff Cohn

Wow AT&T executives are geniuses! How could they have possibly have come up with this brilliant idea? Well we ( have been doing this for years with all carriers and know that crowdsourcing works IF you share the contributions of others. AT&T's "Mark the Spot" application is DOA (dead on arrival) because they won't share the data with their customers. Crowdsourcing is all about sharing information with the community and this model is a "one way street".

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