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iPhone 3GS Batter Life

As an experiment I turned on my fully charged iPhone at 1000 AM today.

After three hours of very light use I am now at 65% of battery life left compared to 90% on my Droid which is seeing heavy use. By that I mean I have push turned off on the iPhone while the Droid is in full sync mode.

While I think today the Apple apps are better, my feeling is Android will catch up very quickly.

With data connectivity being so power intensive, the difference in battery life becomes a major differentiator when deciding which phone is best for you.


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As a new 3GS convert (from BlackBerry) I find Apple's short battery life annoying, but not a deal breaker due to the devices other superb attributes. I thoroughly tested the Droid before making my final purchase and found the operating system slow and clunky. The touch screen was equally annoying and unresponsive much of the time. So while you may be correct that over the long haul the Droid will make up some ground and challenge Apple, it won't be before the OS performance is improved and its app store makes advances...IMHO.

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