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Gizmo To Migrate PSTN Numbers

If you have PSTN numbers for Gizmo In service you may not have seen this language on the administration page:

We are currently working on a migration strategy.

No call-in numbers will expire at this time.

We will provide ample notice for you to have uninterrupted service.

What does that mean for users? One of three or four things.

A) The numbers will be migrated to GoogleVoice, providing you a seamless experience between the two services by your Gizmo number becoming your GoogleVoice number "for life."

B) You already have a GoogleVoice number and that becomes you new Gizmo number, with some period of "your number has changed" or the option of a hard forward of your old number

C) Gizmo/Google Voice sells off the number hosting of DIDs to a company with a robust SIP DID gateway business.

All three scenarios, or even a combination of these are possible.


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