Voice 3.0: The Era Of API Calling
T-Mobile UK Opens Up Mobile Broadband To Skype Calling-Sort Of

Sidekick Data Loss-A Wake Up Call For Cloud Based Users

Danger-Your Data Is Not Really Secure With Microsoft Servers

---that could be the headline in tomorrow's Wall Street Journal, and it would grab a lot of attention.

Another could be:

The Danger of Online Storage

Or another

Danger In The Cloud

Danger Phones Now Have Amnesia

You see, redundancy doesn't have mean you're fired. Unless of course you're the VP or GM of the Microsoft/Danger group's server farm due to the SideKick fiasco and the T-Mobile executive who signed a deal that didn't insure their customer's data was secure.

Redundancy means having another full copy of everything. And somehow we're seeing more and more "data" loses.

Now, while many may say "read the fine print" in this case, the Sidekick has no other way of having it's data backed up (at least not from the era of my old Sidekick which was pre-Microsoft) so users really had trust in their mobile operator and the back end suppliers.

Well, that trust just went out the window.

Now it seems the idea of a cloud based storage service that doesn't have a backup guarantee is as good as a free service. In this case the implicit trust of the brands, T-Mobile, Microsoft and Danger, all have been compromised.

Given how in some parts of the world, a mobile phone is the computer for so many, and for many, their entire life (well social and business life) is stored on a mobile phone, losing one's memories, contacts and details is paramount to amnesia.

Somehow, I now think this is much more than a headache in Redmond. It's more like total memory loss with no chance of recovery. That's called brain damage.


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