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VoIP Over 3G in Canada on the iPhone?

Erik Lagerway thinks VoIP over 3G is a when, not an if on the iPhone up in Canada.

This is of course not going to happen until Apple updates their developer's Terms and Conditions. Right now Apple's T's & C's that the iPhone developers are working under are not yet written to enable the applications to deliver the voice over the 3G networks officially.

Apple's rationale I would guess is that so far only AT&T has come out with a policy to enable it.

I say--BUNK. Since the iPhone's content can be localized by country, so can the apps, since basically, downloading of a application to the iPhone is not really any different than downloading the latest Michael Jackson video or song from "This is It." That is of course unless someone thinks that Voice over 3G Apps are licensed by the Beatles' catalogs' rights administrators...

Will Mobile VoIP Impact Carrier Revenues?

Will Mobile VoIP Impact Carrier Revenues? In-Stat seems to think so.

In what has become the flavor of the year, and with good reason, over at In-Stat, their coverage of the Mobile VoIP market continues to reflect what the market looks like. This time they have laid out what the impact will be to the carriers.

With LTE and WiMax coming alive, it is no surprise that VoIP will play a big part of how we talk. No surprise at all.

Om Malik on the Nokia N900

Om gives the N900 (something I have on order from Amazon) a 6 out of 10. That's barely a passing grade.

Granted he reviewed pre-release software, but what I like about it is the "optimized for the T-Mobile network" on which I currently run an Android based MyTouch3 from T-Mobile. Hopefully, by the time I return from the UK and EU I'll have received mine.

Now if it only had a VoIP client....stay tuned.

Google Wave Made Easier

Waveboard is a new Mac application that makes Wave more easier to manage and takes it out of the browser.

As a Wave user now for about a week I find the concept interesting and evolving, but I'm not addicted to it yet like I could be to Twitter or Facebook.

What I do like is how easily you can embed other tools into Wave to have everything in one place. That makes Wave more of an OS than say Facebook.