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Om Malik on the Nokia N900

Om gives the N900 (something I have on order from Amazon) a 6 out of 10. That's barely a passing grade.

Granted he reviewed pre-release software, but what I like about it is the "optimized for the T-Mobile network" on which I currently run an Android based MyTouch3 from T-Mobile. Hopefully, by the time I return from the UK and EU I'll have received mine.

Now if it only had a VoIP client....stay tuned.


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I have to say that the review of the N900 was the most confusing thing I've read in years. The reviewer calls multiple desktops "confusing", and claims that Nokia's phone would improve by removing the features that make it so appealing in the first place. He seems to champion the Iphone at every opportunity, whilst ignoring the improvements that the N900 has over it - Camera, Screen resolution, Video playback, keyboard, open sourced, Fm receiver and transmitter, full flash, stereo speakers, camera flash not to mention the price.
To be fair, the reviewer got absolutely slaughtered in the comments section, which makes me think he was just provoking a reaction.

Having had a N900 on loan for a while, I think you will award it more than 6/10 when you get yours... I love it.

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