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Yesterday I made note of Rich Tehrani's video interview from VON with client Mike Oeth at VON which broke the news about the new web based platform. As they day went on we watched as other veteran observers, who like Rich have been around the VoIP game as long as I have been. We've all lived through the complexities of VoIP and wanted something easy. And we've never really seen it. Until now.

Take the perspective of Lonnie Lazar, who for many years has been part of the Voxilla team and quietly one of the key cogs in the wheels of helping companies get onto the SIP train that has now really left the station. In his post, written from an independent reviewers perspective and from someone who has been living with SIP for longer than most, Lazar pretty much nailed the description of the experience we've been having internally while testing the service for the past month as well.

Robert Poe, another long time SIP and VoIP observer, who has established his own blog also drew attention as Lazar did about the web interface that lets any user manage, IM with others and transfer calls all without any on premise hardware at all. Poe's not a novice, nor is Lazar and while Junction Networks may be my client, I've been their customer longer than they've been mine. I chose them years back because they were then, and still are today, offering a non-technical person simplicity in a complicated world. They always have and they always will.

In my uses I've simply logged into OnSip using Counterpath's EyeBeam and was connected and fired up any web browser on any of my many laptops, netbooks and MIDS and managed my calls. As you can see from Lonnie's screen captures with the jazzy names he created, the interface combines IM and calling and has simplified the ability for a company that is virtual to easily stay in touch. The most important feature is the call transfer, something that Skype doesn't offer at present to the masses which is one of the reasons it is moving in the SIP direction.

When you add up what others are saying and you see how simply easy OnSip has made it with their new interface, you realize that what they set out to simplify and have achieved it.


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