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New App Store App Reduces Calls To Premium Rate Numbers

One of the problems folks in the UK have is calling premium rate numbers. Well not any more.

Check out the details about this application that works on both the iPhone and the Android.

0870 turns 08* numbers — such as 0870, 0845 and 0800 — which cost 35p per minute to call (on top of what you’re already paying for your contracted minutes) into 01* or 02* numbers, which come out of your allowance or are very cheap on Pay As You Go.

What's more interesting is how it took Apple 429 days to approve the application.

Is Apple protecting it's carrier partner relationships and taking the hit on app store approvals?

Years ago in my days in sports, famed Flyers coach, Fred Shero, taught me and others about the way to examine the opposition. He called it "tendencies." Shero was a follower of even more famous Soviet hockey team coach named Anatoly Tarasov, the recognized father of Russian hockey in the modern era. The two were masters of understanding how tendencies and patterns seemed to replicate in teams and Tarasov used those approaches to wine world championships, just the same way that Fred Shero won back to back Stanley Cup championships. This leads me to a global perspective being needed to uncover what may or may not be a pattern and tendency on someone's part to always do things the same way.


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Hi Andy,

It's a long and complicated story but check out Michael Eisners biography about Disney and Universal and how Universal had Disney over a barrel with no way to compete against their strategy.

Apple are losing this war and need to be planning the next 'round'.

Dean Collins

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