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Jajah's Twitter Play Sliced, Diced and Gutted

Stuart has taken either a bayonet or a surgeon's blade to the recent announcement/attempt by Jajah to catch onto the wave of hype surrounding Twitter.

It is a masterfully written post, that only someone who has spent the time to really care about what can be done, and truly studied the possibilities could author.

I'll also be the first to admit, I don't get the hype over Jajah, and never did. One SIP operator who is part of their so called federation privately tells me that they see no traffic from them. No one at Yahoo has stood up and shouted about how much money they've saved by turning their business of voice calling over to Jajah for Yahoo Messenger (but remember this is the same company -Yahoo-that bought Dialpad and never really used the technology for what it could do in VoIP, that being least cost routing and massive anti-fraud detection.) Also Jajah wasn't at IT Expo and I don't see them selling at the Channel Partners event next week in Miami Beach, so if they've got something to really sell, why aren't they where the customers are?

Now they want to be part of the Twitter hype, basically taking the anonymous calling technology the inherited from Jangl (and Michael Cerda who stuck around Jajah for all of a Hollywood minute before launching cc:Betty earlier this year.)

Sorry, but cheap calling and apps to drive cheap calling are so yesterday. Free calling is an even bigger non-starter to me, as you can't run your business on Free and be reliable to your customers.

Read Stuart and realize this. Not everyone subscribes to the King and I theory of story telling. Some of us do see things just as they really are.


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