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Agito Networks Ships Their Blackberry Product

San Jose based Agito Networks has shipped their Blackberry client that enables a RIM device to be an extension of the PBX network and is a needed addition for Agito to penetrate the Blackberry heavy North American enterprise market. In Europe, and Asia, where RIM is just really beginning to see sales uptake, Agito's strategy of being handset agnostic will play better.

This newest addition joins their Symbian client for Nokia handsets and the Windows Mobile client in providing the Enterprise a solution that enables mobile handsets to be part of the PBX network, functioning as an extension to the PBX and to deliver a WiFi to Cellular handover.

I'm a huge supporter of the concept of being plugged in and connected, but still lust for the day when any size company, or even an ad hoc network of people (such as emergency service workers from different locals) can become part of what would best be described as a "Mobile PBX" network, truly allowing for ubiquity in communications regardless of handset. So while I see this as offering value as an Enterprise fix, and know it has it's place, the mobile industries lack of an operator level deployment of a solution is really holding us all back and is the chasm that Agito and others need to cross.

I'll compare that to Centrex which revolutionized the landline small business market which enabled small business to quickly connect and work in a unified manner. Centrex of the 70s was what the cloud is today. So when a Mobile Centrex like product arrives and carriers allow it to be deployed, then the prospect of a real Mobile PBX will be alive. For now, though the Agito solution provides the enterprise with something THEY can afford, while the rest of the market simply waits and lusts for the Holy Grail.


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