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Markus Goebel wants to only make free or almost free calls, and I can't blame him. I mean, why pay if someone will give it away, and in his post he takes a consoling tone about Skype and their flushing of their Extra's program last week, on 9-11 of all days.

So while the UBER geek that he is enables him to play with all kinds of tech toys, gadgets and services, I'd contend that he's in a very small minority, and Skype is not aiming for him as their customer.

Skype wants to take customers away from the telcos not the SIP providers, as Skype For SIP is attempting to do. What's more, Markus is right, Skype isn't the cheapest in cost per minute of calling to the PSTN, and I bet they won't be the cheapest in SIP termination either. But what I do expect is that fill the room like sound that one gets with Skype, in Skype To Skype calls to be what we hear when we make Skype to SIP calls and, as more telcos deploy HD Voice, that the same "fill the room" quality and tonality that we get on Skype to Skype calls will be there too.


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