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3G/4G Dongle Hits The Streets from Sprint

Sprint is rolling out it's 4G service as fast as it can and to prove it they have announced the 3G/4G dongle/broadband modem. Right now it's Windows only, but I have to figure a Macintosh version will be out soon.

One thing to note, is that 4G broadband is unlimited, while 3G has transfer capacity limits which says that the 4G service is designed to fill the gaps where wireline service isn't as a cable or DSL replacement.

And how soon before we see a 3G/4G Pocketspot?


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Sprint already has hybrid pocketspots (though the bigger one needs maybe a cargo pocket or a stylish pouch):

Think that Clearwire is also selling a hybrid/pocketspot combo.

Dongle should be USB, so it's a matter of someone getting around to write/hack software. Shouldn't be that bad; Mac and Linux support should come out at the same time.

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