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Where Should Call Vantage Customers Go?

I must say, the number of CallVantage users out there who are not in the AT&T footprint but are happy with their provider amazes me at this point. Despite zero marketing the last few years the service that AT&T’s new masters from SBC killed (only to have another group now working on a replacement of sorts I hear via the VoIP Grapevine) CallVantage has one of the most loyal followings of any VoIP service out there. Not only is the customer base loyal, many like me have been there since the beginning, and are sad to see it go.

Last week the cutover for me happened, and now my cable company is my “landline” provider of sorts. I opted for the Cox bundled offer which includes a hybrid POTS over Cable, but works just like a landline so both my alarm service and E911 work flawlessly, something AT&T could only half deliver on with uVerse as my high end alarm service company, nor AT&T could prove that the alarm service would work over uVerse.

So with that in mind, here is my advice on where the orphaned customers should go:

1) If you have cable and your cable company offers voice calling to me that the best option. The reason. One bill. One service provider and a very dedicated team. The folks from Cox have been super all through the process, so as a Cox Business customer, I’m thrilled with the way they handle things.

2) If you’re on DSL or if you’re on FIOS and don’t want Verizon’s voice service I would suggest three proven companies that have demonstrated staying power:

A. Broadvoice

B. VoicePulse

C. InPhonex

A fourth option, especially if you are a SOHO working with a team is client Junction Networks OnSip service.

All offer great support and solid service.

3) A third option is to cut the cord, but you’ll lose 911 with some options. For example, T-Mobile’s @ HOME service that works over WiFi will give you E911, and the price is so low it’s a very worthy option. The key is you want to also be a T-Mobile customer and have a UMA capable device, like the Blackberry Curve or to purchase the UMA capable DECT phones they market for in home use. If you don’t worry about E911, then Truphone on your iPhone or on an unlocked Nokia N or E series phone and a WiFi connection will give you calling at low rates per month.

Bottom line—you may be feeling like you’re losing a friend, with the departure of CallVantage, but now you have a chance to make a new friend to reach out and touch someone.


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Why not include OOMA in the list of places to go. I just left AT&T CallVantage and after doing quite a bit of research, have chosen OOMA. The equipment is about $250 and for another $99/year you have unlimited service in the U.S.A. and some really unusual features. The $99/year is for "premiere services" -- otherwise the service costs a big fat ZERO. Although I haven't yet found a phone book, I can live without that. Most of the other services are available without the premiere services, but with them, you can have 2 simultaneous calls on different extensions (join them or not) and it comes with a vanity number (more vanity numbers may be added for $5/mo) -- really handy for my mom in CA to call me in NJ! Call logs are better than CallVantage -- you can download them to a spreadsheet--where you can do searching to your hearts content! Blacklists, etc. -- it's really got a lot to offer and the call quality is excellent!

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