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After almost six weeks in Europe, with stops to see clients and company executives I advise in no less than four countries (UK, Spain, Austria and France) I feel very good that I was really able to combin both business and pleasure over my much too short two week vacation with my wife. We got to see many friends, from both sides of the Atlantic, and after six weeks one would think that "home" would be the first place on my list I'd want to head after I leave London on Monday, along with Truphone's Director of Applications, Karl Good as we both head to LAX and IT Expo.

Could I have flown home today or tomorrow, and then drove back and forth to Los Angeles. Yes. Would I be tired and fatigued due to the last weekend of Summer traffic on a weekend. Yes, and given this weekend in London is a Bank Holiday that makes London very easy to get around as most of the Londoners are heading to the coast for sun and surf, while I'll stay here enjoying the suds at a pub or two.

But home is still almost a week "away" for me, as next week, starting August 31, which is why after landing in Los Angeles I'm doing my part to reduce my carbon footprint by going right from London to the City of Angels and the fall IT Expo Conference. After a few days home for Labor Day Weekend, its off to San Francisco and the Mobilize conference, bookended by meetings with clients and some dinners with friends in and around SF and Silicon Valley.

The week of September 14 has me heading over to Sacramento with my wife over the weekend and on Monday for a few client meetings, then right down to San Diego for what will be the start of at least 10 days there. Demo starts on the 21st, and it's the last DEMO under longtime friend Chris Shipley, so I'm organizing a few of the legendary "Demo Wine Dinners" with her longtime business partner, Mike Sigal as always. Sadly, DEMO competes head to head with VON, and as much as I'd like to be in Miami Beach, this is sort of a farewell to an era for Chris and Mike, and friendship won out this time.

Around all this there are other conferences, like CTIA starting the 7th of October, also in San Diego and then a trip back to Europe on the 18th to be ready for eComm Europe in Amsterdam the last week of October.


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