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Back in 1984 Apple rebelled with the famed commercial produced by Venice, CA based Chiat-Day. The commercial is a classic and viewed as a model of a great tv spot that aired just once. It was the commercial that introduced the Macintosh to the world.

Now, 25 years later Apple is treading water at possibly becoming exactly what they poked fun at. Technology oppression.

If I was advising Apple, I would find a way to make peace with Google over the GoogleVoice app and lots more and also announce a true "open" initiative. Apple right now is at a cross roads. As the dominant player in music delivery they are rapidly becoming a company with clout in that sector. With the iPhone they have pretty much become the fastest selling handset manufacturer and they sell almost all of what they make, something many others would love to claim, and can't. Most of all, they have a growing share of the laptop market, with more and more MacBook Pros and Mac Book Air's finding their way into the corporate mainstream.

All this means that Apple has to be careful right now, or run the risk of being what they wanted to destroy.


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