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Apple Snow Leopard Hangs Up EyeBeam and X-Lite-Means No Talking

Last Friday for many was a "SNOW" day. It was the day that Apple launched their updated (and from my testing) better Operating System. It's smaller, faster and does many things better. In my testing of major Voice applications I found a few things out rather quickly:

Good News Department:

Skype 3.8 works fine

Gizmo5's latest build works fine

SightSpeed's latest build works fine

Bad News Department

Neither of Counterpath's VoIP clients work. That means neither Eyebeam nor the new and sleek X-Lite Beta work at all. Eyebeam loads up and dials, but crashes. X-Lite just crashes and burns. The Snow Leopard Compatibility Wiki also reports that the regular X-Lite has problems also. This makes this the second time in memory that when Apple has upgraded their OS that CounterPath software failed. The last time the OS changes impacted everyone in the SIP space, but it seems this time only the market's largest was caught up in it, possibly because Apple released earlier than expected. In the EyeBeam forum there was a comment about a new build coming, but as of today, Monday the 31st in London, it's still not available.

So here's my advice.

If you really need to talk, the Gizmo client allows you to add a secondary account to your login. That makes it possible for you to make and receive calls using your regular SIP accounts from your company or your telephony provider as long as you have your SIP credentials. Of course you also have to sign up for Gizmo, but that's free as is the application.


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Perhaps users might try Xnet's iSoftPhone which is compatible with Snow Leopard and specifically developed for Mac OS X.

more info here:


Hi Andy,

I wanted to comment on your post that claims neither of CounterPath's VoIP clients (softphones) work with Snow Leopard.

CounterPath's eyeBeam for Snow Leopard client was made available to the public on CounterPath's eyeBeam support forum as of Saturday August 29th, a day prior to this post.

Users can download it in advance of it being pushed to their client from here:

Please note that you can only download the version that you are currently running. Ie, downloading eyeBeam Enhanced when you only have a license for eyeBeam Basic will render your license invalid.

Regarding X-Lite, the new X-Lite Beta for Mac is just in the process of going through quality assurance testing and will be made available very Shortly.

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